3A majority of college seniors are required to have at least a semester of internship hours. The experience of an internship is invaluable. It offers a window into the working world and you get first-hand insight into a company and industry. It truly is an ideal learning experience.

But when the time comes where you are the one to hire interns to work for you, the experience becomes less than a learning experience and more, let’s just say “interesting,” work.

This is not to say that we don’t value interns; we do. We invest time in training, coaching, mentoring, either because we are idealists that want to offer something good for the world, or that we would love to create another hiring channel for entry level employees.

Interns can be great, for more reasons than just helping you get things done at work. They provide the office with endless entertainment. And recently, I stumbled on a delightfully insightful Twitter hashtag: #ThingsInternsSay.

Internship Experience